I have placed some of my photos of me and by me on this page. I hope you enjoy them and also see who you are reading about.

Dream what you want to dream. Go where you want to go. Be who you want to be.

The motto may give you an insight into some of the crazy photos of me.


There isn't time or space to list all my hobbies and the things in life I enjoy and find interesting. Spent my life trying to learn new things and try new things. That may explain the plethora of activities but the best reason for all the different hobbies I have is that I find them fun. A challenge to the mind is also something I can not pass up. I will go for days trying to learn how to do or accomplish something and then when I have it mastered I look for another to keep my mind active.

  • Rockets             Woodworking;      Geneology
  • Photography      Camping
  • Computers         Software

Just bear with me because if not for the hobbies I would want to travel agan and I am beginning to get too old to go to anymore war zones.


Here are locations and items I find interesting to me. Maybe not to you but some of them I can stay buried in for days when I am researching items. That is, when I have time from work. Luckily, my work has also been a hobby for me all these years.

The only limits are those of vision.